Siren’s Call

photo-sirenscallAnswer the call: Siren’s Call Sirens: Greek mythology’s most alluring seductresses. Their calls were known to entice men with unbreakable wills. Like those men, we were seduced by a call of our own. British Columbia’s finest vineyards have found us and their grapes have become our obsession — our calling. And so the result is a unique collection of premium wines crafted with robust flavours, notes of sophistication and unswayable temptation. Our winemaker Mark Simpson has sourced fruit from the best vineyards in BC and crafted a family of beautiful wines that display impeccable character, pure varietal integrity and quality. We have answered the call and we now bring it to you. This is Siren’s Call. We have sourced key varieties of grapes from some of the best vineyards in BC. Each vineyard is selected based on its ability to produce great fruit quality, pure varietal character and a grape grower committed to quality and collaboration.  The grapes are hand picked & hand sorted to guarantee that only the finest fruit makes it into the ferment. Our flagship wine Harmonious is blended from the five classic grapes characteristic to Bordeaux style red blend: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.

“Don’t let the alluring siren on the bottle fool you; there’s more to these wines than Greek mythology. Seductive grapes from the BC interior will pull you in and make themselves your obsession with robust flavours and sophistication.”

– Legacy Liquor Store

In creating Siren’s Call, Mark journeyed many kilometers before and during harvest across BC’s grape-growing regions to meet his growers and match over the grapes to hand select the best grapes to be used to create Siren’s Call. The Siren’s Call selection of wines is made in a new-world fruit-driven style. Each Siren’s Call variety lists the original vineyard on the label, grounding and collecting each to its terroir. Siren’s Call wines are lifestyle wines designed for early drinking and are perfect at long luncheons, parties and as your daily table wine. The wines appeal to a broad range of wine drinking clientele from young to old. The wines exhibit modest acidity, fine soft tannins and will benefit from several years of careful cellaring. We encourage you to try our entire line. Each year, in addition to the 7 core wines, Mark makes a small amount of exclusive wine crafted for BC Wine Studio’s Wine Club members Wine writer John Schreiner says Siren’s Call is “an impressive quintet of reds and a very good start for a new label.”

The Story behind Siren’s Call’s Fascinating and Alluring Labels

We wanted Siren’s Call labels to be as fascinating and alluring as the wines inside the bottle. Like the sailor-seducing mermaids of Greek mythology, Siren’s Call draws in wine drinkers with its alluring design and robust flavours. Hand-drawn illustrations and typography highlighted with cream and flecks of gold make for a truly tempting wine no mortal can resist. Visually, our wines are incredibly appealing. Reassuringly, it’s not just style without substance. We think the liquid in the bottle is also impressive.

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