The Escapist

IMG_2635Introducing The Escapist
Creative Wines made for your Lifestyle

BC Wine Studio is very excited to launch our innovative new label, The Escapist, a new tier of wines designed to captivate imaginations.
Following the success of BC Wine Studio’s iconic wine label Siren’s Call, winemaker Mark Simpson set out to launch his second label of consistent and approachable wines.
With a passion for the products that he creates, markets and sells, Mark enjoys listening to the next generation of wine consumers. He’s excited to launch his new label, The Escapist, at a lower price point than BC Wine Studio’s other offerings.

Do you dream of making your escape?

We are finally seeing wine go from a celebratory beverage to an everyday drink. Mark created The Escapist so he could to deliver unbeatable brand value to our consumers- wines of excellent value that are ready for immediate enjoyment.
Often, when making Siren’s Call, Mark develops a few barrels of wine that are left over.  While they are often really great wines, adding them to our icon blend would change it from what Mark considers to be the most optimal blend.  Without compromising on quality, Mark created The Escapist’s easy drinking wines as he recognizes that everyone enjoys a value brand from time to time.

Value-focused wines crafted from unique grape varietals

The grapes for these wines come from the same hand-tended vineyards carefully managed by Mark’s vineyard team. The wines are crafted with the same exacting standards in our winery as our highly acclaimed Siren’s Call. So not only do they taste great, at prices less than $20.00 per bottle they are an incredible value!
 “The main secret of the success of The Escapist brand is the price/quality relationship.”

Find Your Escape

Mark believes that wine should be enjoyed as part of everyday life, often as a delightful compliment to dining. With The Escapist, Mark set out to make wines he knows you’ll enjoy— which you will greatly appreciate.

Looking for Fun and Adventure?

The Escapist wines are perfect for relaxing, unwinding and “escaping” from the everyday. The wines are inspired by smart, savvy consumers who are looking for more affordable luxury that can be enjoyed every day of the week.
a welcome option for wine lovers- The Escapist wines are a more bang for your buck brand.

We believe The Escapist wines will have enthusiastic followings

The Escapist wines are consistent and approachable wines that are ready for immediate enjoyment.  We think we are on to a winner!

Ease of Selection

The Escapist wines are easy to drink, easy to select, fun and adventurous. Check out our red, white wines.  We’ve also added sweet, sparkling wines to our line-up. We’re looking forward to sharing online conversations about The Escapist wines!
Drink whatever you like and experiment with different combinations. Make it fun.  Choose a Red, a White or a Sparkling today!